Sunday, November 13, 2016

Hello Sunday readers,

I would like to highlight today the amazing work of Sasha Oda of ARCHERADE one of the goldsmiths in the studio. Her work  is bold and fearless and her designs are fresh and young. Sasha works with Sterlium, Bronze and Gold.

One of her pieces that speak volumes of her design sense are these three rings.

Each ring has a strong shape that really accentuates the attention to detail. They are heavy, but very comfortable on the hand.  Sasha does custom work, so she can make one just for you, too!

Sasha tremendous talent and dedication can be appreciated in this lovely necklace in Sterlium with a drop a lapis lazuli in an intense blue.

Be sure to come and check out these and other fabulous pieces by Sasha this Christmas season.

Have a great day!


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