Sunday, July 15, 2018

Latest Gem Dream

Lately in our instagram feed a lot of beautiful tourmaline gems have been popping up that I have been drooling over. While I have seen watermelon tourmaline in person, I have yet to come across intense bicolour or tricolour gems cut into baguettes. I think normally baguette or rectagular shaped gems don't normally catch my eye, but when they are these colours, they're hard to look away from. They would be a dream to combine with a halo of small gems that transition in colour all the way around - can you imagine it?!

Indicolite is my favourite blue colour of any gem, it is a distinct colour of tourmaline - a unique and intense deep turquoise blue. We have been following Doug Menadue gems on Instagram for a while and I have noticed he has quite a few drool worthy indicolite gems.

We have just recently started following Imperial Gems Collection, and there you'll spot some lovely bicolour tourmalines.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Dear Readers,

I would like to introduce myself - I am Parul, goldsmith and jewellery designer at Paruli Designs and currently working at the fabulous jewellery studio, Jewel Envy!
Please check out some of my work and stop by at the studio to try out one of my pieces on!

Sunday, July 8, 2018

Helena's windows

Hello Sunday Readers,

I love beautiful things, we all do! I had the chance of getting in a second hand shop this three nice posters. When I saw them a couple of months ago, I was sure they will be great for my display in the windows on Ronci.
Impressionism originated with a group of Paris-based artists whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence during the 1870s and 1880s. It was a 19th century art movement.
Two of my posters were painted by Maurice Brazil Prendergast an American, born in Canada in 1858.

The first poster by Maurice Brazil Prendergast called Bathing, Marblehead, is a great watercolor over graphite pencil on paper.
It's a great background for my Shining Fall Collection, at h.p.lafaurie Jewellery Design.
This painting makes me think of the warmth and sun of Springtime, I LOVE little things that shine and make noises.  My silver necklace, pendant and earrings are in constant motion and make sounds when you wear them. Like the Bathing, Marblehead , the sea, the kids, my collection is full of light and warm.

The second poster by Maurice Brazil Prendergast called Sunlight on the Plaza, is another great watercolor over graphite pencil on paper.
In this window I display a necklace in Sterling Silver, 36 inches long. My long necklace has several charm-links, small fishes, stars and more. The green of the watercolor remembers me nature, renewal, energy, those are ones of the many things that I think about when I make jewellery, always something new, something different, something that show my state of mind.

The last window has a canvas with sunflowers. It's not painted by Van Gogh, or Monet , but this sunflowers have the same color and force but on the table you can see pieces of watermelon. The well known sunflowers from the impressionism has on the table only the vase for the flowers.
Maybe I'm wrong, but they are beautiful and the color is strong and gorgeous.  My rings are full of color, very simple in design and look beautiful with the sunflowers too.

 I love my pieces and my displays, I hope you like them too. Come to see us, enjoy the work of a group of goldsmiths that work hard to make the best they can to enrich your life.

Have a nice Sunday