Sunday, October 21, 2018


Custom Orders, 

Made just for You

At Jewel Envy, most goldsmiths can make your dream piece, just the way you want it. 

There are a few important steps to follow though to avoid disappointment and make sure you get what you want and give your piece of jewellery with this very more special and unique feel.

After a first discussion about the project we would then send you a quote and drawing, once agreed and a deposit paid, we would them start working on the piece. 

One of my lovely customer wanted three brooches. She was thinking of something with the eternal knot symbol which has different meaning in different cultures and has been around Since 2500BC (yes it’s true). I do wear myself a bracelet with this  sign on my arm everyday as a reminder of various symbols in my life, therefore as such I was also well inspired.  This particular customer and I share something as both lived in HK, maybe that why we both like this symbol.... anyways...back to the custom order process 

For me personally making this brooch was something new, and I tried a few methods before deciding how to go about it. At the end I decided to fabricated the brooches from thick metal sheet rather than carve them out of wax. I showed the prototype (in brass) to my client and we agreed to make it ticker and keep it to the same size. 

I then started working on making all three pieces for her and I believed she was very happy with the final pieces, one which I believe was for her to keep two to give away the special people in her life.

Here  are a few of the pictures (I really need to make a mental note to myself to take a good picture of every piece before selling them!!!!!).

At Jewel Envy we thrive to offer our clients with unique service and beautiful jewellery pieces just the way they want them....  open communication is key in order to achieve this. 

Other goldsmiths here all have different experiences and each custom order is a different as our lovely customers,

Come and talk to us about what we can make for you, 

Have a lovely beautiful Sunday,

Ivane Thiebaut Goldsmith at Jewel Envy

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Upcoming Classes!

Dear Sunday Readers,

There are so many things going on at Jewel Envy right now, we have our special in studio exhibition, "Asymmetric", on display. Help us to find out who made the best piece of jewellery for the show by voting in the store in person or by viewing our blog and voting online!

Among many other classes, that you can check on our web site, like Earrings on October 28th or Band Rings on November 3rd, our last 8-week classes for 2018 are Casting-intro and intermed on October 18th and Introductory Fabrication on October 23rd

Register for classes here!

I love the opportunity to give you a quick and illustrative information about casting with one of my own pieces.

In the lost wax casting process, the casting in created using a centrifuge.



Ones the wax model has been invested in a flask mold (you can see more than one wax on the pic bellow), it’s embedded in investment plaster, then the wax is eliminated from the mold by heat, after been on the kiln for than 8 hours, the flask mold in mounted on the centrifuge in a crucible in which metal is pour in an amount sufficient to fill the mold.

wax tree

covering with plaster

The centrifuge does its work and after a couple of minutes you can take the flask and poured it on the water.
The result is amazing, you have now the pieces in metal ready to be attached and polish!

casted pieces

casted pieces cut apart

The final piece of jewelry is done! do not miss the great opportunity of doing it yourself and enjoy one of the most incredible process in jewelry making!

finished piece!

This and more are what we do at Jewel Envy, come to visit us and become a part of our great and incredible daily life!

Have a nice Sunday!


Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fall coloured gems

I love LOVE love LOVE love LOOOOOOve fall! If fall were a gemstone my pick would be garnet. I made a collage from images I found on google of the range of garnet colours to show off garnet's potential as the official gemstone of fall.
Green is tsavorite garnet, orange is spessatite garnet, red is almandine, purple is rhodolite.

 There are so many different variations of red garnets specifically and most people associate garnets with a red coloured gem, there are also other colours! I love letting people know about less common colours - such as the bright green of tsavorite garnets, or the range of orange hues found in spessartite garnets.

What would you choose as the gemstone of fall?

Sunday, September 30, 2018

El Dorado exists!

Some of us are all familiar with the "El Dorado" myth, and if not, it's a myth created by early colonizers which tells the story of a hidden city where almost everything is made of gold. many went in search of El Dorado but none could find it.

The myth has its origin in a place where gold was an abundant metal, so much that the Muisca tribes offered it to a lake as a way to gain favor with their gods. The Muiscas were an precolumbian Andean tribe that inhabited the central region of what is today Colombia.

The Muiscas were skilled goldsmiths and crafted many gold ornaments to be wore, their practices of offering gold to the Guatavita lake were the inspiring source of the El Dorado legend, and according to modern day local legends, the bottom of the lake is still lined with the gold offerings; or maybe it is hiding the entrance to El Dorado.

We can only be certain that precolumbian tribes had excellent goldsmithing techniques and created beautiful pieces that will inspire myths and legends, not a short feat at all.

If you ever want to visit EL Dorado, you will just have to buy a plane ticket to Colombia, spend a few days in Bogota and visit El Museo Del Oro (The Gold Museum) where all surviving pieces of precolumbian jewelry are exhibited.

This one is just an example of what you can find inside the museum, a must for jewelers and jewelry enthusiasts.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

New goldsmith alert!

We have already introduced Bouchra Aouichi in our newsletter, but I can't help be excited about her work as she is preparing to give Jewel Envy inventory (especially since I get to touch everything before it goes out on display ;o) Bouchra's work will be out and ready for anyone that drops in to try it on by this coming Tuesday (September 25th). - Alexis 

Bouchra Aouichi

Ring with citrine.

Bouchra is busy taking photos of her work today before submitting inventory. There are always sooooo many things on our to do lists as independent businesses working from Jewel Envy.   

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Every Day Brings Its Own Magic!

Hello Sunday Readers,

Every Day Brings Its Own Magic!

This is a saying, well know, in my South American Culture.

Simple things are magical, and we must always remember the simple things.

Like getting a new pair of shoes, even if they are too tight at first, the first day of school even 
if we are afraid, or just getting a lemonade on a perfect summer day.

We have to be mindful to enjoy each experience as it is happening.  

When I moved to this country, I took the opportunity to try something new and  I became a 
goldsmith in my second and incredible life in Canada, I love jewellery, the magic of knowing
how incredible it’s to make a gorgeous piece you can appreciate time after time and find it 
amazing!  It’s magic to see my ideas come to life. But what surprised me the most, is the joy 
I feel helping others, capture their dreams in a custom pieces.

Creating fine jewelry is that brings magic into someone's life.  It’s also incredible to think that 
piece may become a family heirloom.  

Artists obtain inspiration from all types of sources. My inspiration recently arrived in the form 
of my lovely grandson, Simon, I translate the love and happiness he inspires in me into the 
pieces that I design.  

The magic of being a grandmother is indescribable.  I loved being a mother and having a 
close relationship with my daughter Laura.

I realize every day, that being a mother is an honor, but being a grandma is a privilege! 
Simon has changed my life.

I made Laura a ring, among many other pieces,  that matches mine with diamond and rubies. But my most loved pieces now for her are simple, and mindful.  

18 karat white gold, 10 mm 3.87 ct. Diamond
Two baguettes of diamonds 3 mm x 1.5 mm 0.06 ct. Three rubies and six accents diamonds

This  bangle, that she doesn't take off,  has only one charm with Simon’s date of birth.

I say only one charm because I hope to fill the bangle with many more! 

  Sterling Silver Bangle with Charm

The pendant, in a short chain has a plate with Simon name on it.

  Sterling Silver Pendant, 16" chain

It's the small little things surrounded by big,  incredible ones, like my daughter, son-in-law 
Brendan, Simon and creativity that make my life so rich and marvelous.

I love what I do, I’m very lucky.  I have my head full with ideas. I think Simon brings the best 
of me, He make my life so rich and wonderful.  He helps me see the world with new eyes.

I thank God for this great and unique magic, to have this two wonderful things in my life at the 
same time.  

Have a nice Sunday.