Sunday, August 19, 2018

shoes that are gems, gems that are shoes.

I can say that as a goldsmith my focus about accessories crosses over into shoes. I was recently reminded of these gem like shoes from a company called United Nude 

 This lead to a google search of gem shoes, in which I came across these:

Marina Abramovic's crystal Shoes for Departure

Marina Abramovic's crystal Shoes for Departure, worn.

Marina Abramovic's written instructions: "With naked feet enter the shoes. Eyes closed. Motionless. Depart. Duration:limitless Material: amethyst"

From The In-Between: Shoes for Departure "offer to transport the viewer into an altered state of consciousness. With the artist's written instructions functioning almost as a hypnotic suggestion, the shoes provide the means to enter a space of trance and contemplation."

It was exciting to come across this vastly different examples and sit in contemplation for a few moments about the perception of materials as well as the function and purpose of accessories. Materials have different value to individuals; there is definitely a common thread of meaning attached to gemstones in jewellery that for a majority of people is connected to value. We do often get customers who are searching for meaning and connection through specific gemstones, which I always love learning and hearing about.


Sunday, August 5, 2018

2 Days Wedding Band Workshop

Hello Sunday Readers,

Jewel Envy, a retail space and working studio at the blue house on Roncy, has a select group of goldsmiths, that not only have they personal lines of work on site, but also teach classes to the public.

Classes are a fun way to learn, and at the same time you can make meaningful pieces like your wedding bands.

You don’t need to have any experience in jewellery making, you come to our studio and one of our teachers will give you all the knowledge you need to make one of the most important and significant pieces of jewellery of your life, your wedding bands.


                         Alexis Kostuk ( with a student, Emma

Couples interested in our 2 day Wedding Band Workshop select two weekend days (that are at least a week apart) that suit their schedule to create their very own wedding bands. Get in touch to sign up!




Jewel Envy looks forward to seeing you in one or more of our classes, the fun, good time, sharing knowledge, learning of new things, they are just the beginning of a great experience.


Have a nice Sunday





Saturday, August 4, 2018

Bijoux Missodey

While Patrick Missodey is on holiday from working in the studio we still have loads of his fabulous work for purchase available here at Jewel Envy. Scroll down to check out some of his work and then be sure to drop into the studio to try some pieces on!

Saturday, July 28, 2018


I came across a great diagram showing a cross section to show the difference in the makeup cultured and natural pearls. A cultured pearl has a nucleus of a bead (usually plastic) that the nacre grows onto, which will vary in thickness - ideally around .4mm. A natural pearl is layers upon layers of nacre that grow around natural debris. From the outside they may look the same, but the structure is definitely different!

While scrolling through pages of pearls today for the blog I definitely had in my mind that natural pearls are more expensive than cultured pearls; however I also learned that apart from a very small collectors market in natural (wild pearls), all pearls bought and sold on the retail market are cultured pearls. If interested you can read more about the varieties of cultured pearls HERE

I came across this beautifully gradation of pearls necklace. If you have $50,000 to spend on a necklace, then look no further!  

In my heart my love of whimsy always drives attraction to pieces, and when a friend tagged me in a post of theirs on Instagram I remembered that I should share what I can assuredly say is one of my favourite use of pearls in jewellery by Petrolnilla


Sunday, July 22, 2018

Summer Party at Jewel Envy

Hello Sunday Readers,

The eclectic goldsmith group that work at Jewel Envy is not only a group of creative and talented people but it is a great team, too!
We come from every corner of the globe, and we get together everyday at the blue house on Roncy to work hard to make the best jewelry we can to enrich your life. 
Every single one of us has a different background, with our own way to see and design pieces - we are unique!
We not only share a great space, and an incredible and specialized studio, we share our time and our work, too. We love that we do this all together!
Two weeks ago, we had a lovely dinner on the front yard of Jewel Envy. We always share moments with each other for a variety of events in the Blue House. The evening was warm, full of light and we enjoyed every single minute of it.
You can see below a group of photos from the lovely dinner.

From left to right: Patrick Missodey (Bijoux Missodey) from Togo, Africa, with his lovely wife Yolanda, Jerell Reichert (Urban Metal) from Canada, Michiline Roi (Atelier J) from Canada, Shafiq Sarwari (Shafiq Sarwari) from Afghanistan, Zef Radi (Radi Brothers Jewelery) from Croatia, Alexis Kostuk (Glaciale Goldsmith) from Canada, Ivane Thiebaut (It) from France, Helena Perez-LaFaurie (hplafaurie) from Colombia, Akatsuki Siu from Hong Kong with us for her internship.

Alexis, Ivane and Gillian E. Batcher (Pash Jewellery Desing)

Missing in the photos Parul Shrivastava (Paruli Desings) from India, Mauricio Franco (Mutable Jewelery) from Colombia, Jessica Nehme (Jessica Rita Jewllery) from Canada and Hoi Yi Lai (Hoi Yi Lai) from Hong Kong.
I told you before, we are one of a kind!
It was so lovely to socialize and enjoy being together, looking forward to more great time together before the winter comes!
Come and visit us at the Blue House, we are always thinking of you!

Have a nice Sunday


Sunday, July 15, 2018

Latest Gem Dream

Lately in our instagram feed a lot of beautiful tourmaline gems have been popping up that I have been drooling over. While I have seen watermelon tourmaline in person, I have yet to come across intense bicolour or tricolour gems cut into baguettes. I think normally baguette or rectagular shaped gems don't normally catch my eye, but when they are these colours, they're hard to look away from. They would be a dream to combine with a halo of small gems that transition in colour all the way around - can you imagine it?!

Indicolite is my favourite blue colour of any gem, it is a distinct colour of tourmaline - a unique and intense deep turquoise blue. We have been following Doug Menadue gems on Instagram for a while and I have noticed he has quite a few drool worthy indicolite gems.

We have just recently started following Imperial Gems Collection, and there you'll spot some lovely bicolour tourmalines.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Dear Readers,

I would like to introduce myself - I am Parul, goldsmith and jewellery designer at Paruli Designs and currently working at the fabulous jewellery studio, Jewel Envy!
Please check out some of my work and stop by at the studio to try out one of my pieces on!