Toronto Offsite Design Festival 2017

‘Building Blocks’ is an installation that uses basic geometric shapes and primary colours as the starting point for each artist to interpret into a wearable piece of jewellery or sculptural object. The categories explored include red square, blue circle, and yellow triangle.

As goldsmiths, we have a specific relationship to tools and the common shapes used to make jewellery and functional sculptural objects. This exploration creates a space for each artist to interpret these shapes and colours with their own voice and without the constraints of interpreting traditional elements for consumers. Through the examination of simple shapes and primary colours, each artist makes a choice to either conform or confront the viewer’s opinions of these universal building blocks in their pieces. Some artists take a literal interpretation of the shape and colour while others interpret the information as a narrative commentary. All of the work is bound by the defined parameters of color and form making for a varied approach in the exhibition to the shared starting point for design.


Hyewon Jang. View 1 of 3

Hyewon Jang. View 2 of 3

Hyewon Jang. View 3 of 3

Zef Radi

Gillian Batcher. View 1 of 2

Gillian Batcher. View 2 of 2

Long Gao

Helena Perez Lafaurie

Ivane Thiebaut
Alexis Kostuk

Micheline Roi

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