Sunday, March 12, 2017

Choker Neclace... did you know

I love choker necklaces but not all in their history is rosy!

Choker necklaces are all the rave at the moment, a "must" item of current fashion trend. This is old news however, it was already big in various antic civilisations such as in China centuries ago, American history as well as India and Egypt.


 Also around 1798 during the French Revolution, women used to wear a red ribbon around their necks to honour the people that had been de killed.


 Then around 1860, the ribbon around the neck could mean that a woman was a prostitute, however it was also a favourite item for the ballerina to wear as seen in Degas Ballerinas paintings. Towards the mid century the choker necklace became a Royal Fashion item following princess Alexandra who was wearing them to hide her scar on her neck.

In 1944 it had a revival as shown in 'Life Magazine" for the modern woman.  In 1990 even men were wearing it such as Mike Jagger, Jimmy Hendrix and even Elvis. It had a big revival in the mid 90s as it became highly fashionable again with a "goth' trend with Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears.

Again recently every youngster would wear a choker "edgy sexy,  cute but bad ass" too!


Well it's here to stay, and you can even make your own in one of our classes.


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