Sunday, August 2, 2015

Come cast with Jewel Envy!

Hello friends! I am going to be teaching our next casting class, starting Wednesday August 12th. I thought I would go over the process with you, and show you what you can learn.

 Our first project is a ring. I will show you how to size, shape, and add texture, pattern, and detail to a slice of wax. Once the wax has been carved, I will walk you through the lost wax casting process. This involves: investment, a hot kiln, a big torch, molten metal, and centrifugal force. Voila! Your ring, in all its sterling silver beauty.

The next project is a cuttlefish casting. A cuttlefish is a squid-like fish, that has a bone with very unique properties. Birds like to peck at these bones, and goldsmiths like to cast with them. (We will be casting, not pecking.) The inside of the bone is very soft and has a great texture. I will show you how to use tools to carve into the bone, to create a mold (essentially negative space), for your piece. Once complete, we will pour molten metal into this mold using gravitational force. Very fun!

The last project is one of your choosing, so it is a great time to stretch your creative muscles and use your imagination. Casting is a very sculptural process, and lends itself well to three-dimensional designs. Join me for this next class, and show me what you've got!

See you soon!

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